My thanks go to the many cousins who have provided information or photographs and to the staff of the Archives Office of Tasmania (now known as TAHO), the Northern Regional Library, the Mersey Regional Library, and the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts. To the Wiltshire Record Office, and the Public Record Office, London, all of whom have provided assistance and material.

To the Archives Office of Tasmania for permission to reproduce documents and to the late Greg Waddle for permission to use one of his drawings. I especially wish to acknowledge the assistance of my cousin Mrs Judy Hall whose enthusiasm for genealogy matches my own. Judy prepared the chapter on Elizabeth McDonald and gave permission for me to use it. Also, my cousin Lesley McCoull, whose expertise at Archives Office of Tasmania grew over the years and who gave of her time generously.

Acknowledgment is made to all of the anonymous artists whose work has provided topical text breaks and to the authors whose works have provided valuable information.

Without the help of all of these people and organisations this history could not have been written, but any error of fact or misinterpretation of material is my sole responsibility.